FlexProt dataset download

This page provides a link to the FlexProt dataset used in the following publication:

I.B.Kuznetsov, 2008, "Ordered conformational change in the protein backbone: prediction of conformationally variable positions from sequence and low-resolution structural data", Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 72(1):74-87.

FlexProt is a non-redundant dataset of 137 experimentally characterized proteins that undergo ordered conformational transitions. The structure of each protein was solved under two different experimental conditions. FlexProt was derived from the Database of Macromolecular Movements (DBMM). Sequences in FlexProt were clustered at 20% sequence identity using the PISCES web-server.

Click here to download the FlexProt dataset (tab-delimited text file, size is 1.1Mb).

File format: 1st column - protein morph id from DBMM, 2nd column - protein amino acid sequence, 3rd column - the value of dphi for given position (the difference in dihedral angle phi between two conformations, in degrees), 4th column - the value of dpsi for given position (the difference in dihedral angle psi between two conformations, in degrees).

Flexible positions in the original publication were defined as those that have the absolute value of dphi > 62 or the absolute value of dpsi > 68 (these values correspond to two standard deviations for dphi and dpsi, respectively).

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